Rolling Ridge


Leasing Information Sheet


Apartment Type

Rental Rate

Minimum Income

One Bedroom



Two Bedroom





Maximum Income


(New Haven-Meriden, CT HMFA 3/20/07)

1 Person Household


2 Person Household


3 Person Household


4 Person Household


5 Person Household



Property’s Criteria:          

Credit Report

Criminal History                                        

Housing History (2-5 yr.)                  


Acceptable Payments:

No Cash

Certified Check or Money Order Only                                                       

Application fee and holding deposit must be paid by separate money order or certified check.  No exceptions.


Security Deposit:

One month rent required.   1 bedroom = $925 - $1,032 / 2 bedroom = $1,040 - $1,246

Two months rent required if one of the approval criteria is marginal.   1 bedroom = $1,850 - $2,064 / 2 bedroom = $2,080 - $2,492


Down Payments:

There is a $40 non-refundable application processing fee per qualifying applicant and a $100 holding deposit.  Holding deposit is only refundable within 72 hours of submitting application or if application is denied by management. If approved, the $100.00 will be applied towards the security deposit.  The balance of the Security Deposit must be paid no later than 2 weeks prior of move-in date.  


Utility Information:                         

Heat & Hot Water Included

Electric - Paid by Resident

Cable hook-ups – Paid by Residents



No pets of any kind permitted



Rolling Ridge Apartments participates with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program which is an affordable housing program for individuals and families with fixed or lower incomes.  The Program was created by Congress in 1986 and part of the Tax Reform Act and is administered by the Internal Revenue Service.  Program requirements are specific to Rolling Ridge and the apartment you are applying to move into.  To find out if you are eligible for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, Management must determine if you:   

Ø  Are Income Eligible

Ø  Meet the Other Program Requirements (which include strict rules for households comprised entirely of full time students)

Ø  Meet Property’s Resident Selection Criteria

If it is determined that you meet all the Program requirements and the Property’s Resident Selection Criteria, you will be qualified for an apartment under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program. 5/10/2007